Friday, January 12, 2007


I can not believe how cold it is today!! It was -8 degrees when I was driving home from work! That is way too cold for here. Aside from the cold we had a pretty relaxing day. I decided to take a day to rest! For the first time in a few weeks we did not go to a public skate or class (other than school) of any kind. I stayed in my PJ's until I had to go to work, did a few minor household duties and rested, rested,rested! No skating tomorrow either but I should get ready for the weekend. I like to have the house ready to be cleaned on the weekend. Actually I should do quite a bit of cleaning because my wonderful mom is coming to help me paint Klausine or Xaviers room on Saturday. I am really looking forward to that because it is way easier to paint with a friend! Thanks mom! Well, once again I am backspacing more than I am typing so I better get off to bed. Hope everyone else survived the bitter cold today!!!


Carolee said...

It sure was cold but that didn't stop L & I from going to see "Casino Royale". It was good but absolutley exhausting to watch!

Alison said...

Jen, I feel like I don't live 300km away from you right now with all the blog entries. I miss you guys so much. Nice van!! You are now truly a hockey mum. ha ha!! Breakfast idea...soft boiled eggs with toast fingers to dip in them. Yummy!!