Monday, January 8, 2007

What a day!

So I figure since this blog is called a day in the life, maybe I should go through what our day was like. Today was the first day back to school after a very enjoyable Christmas break. I think we were all ready to get back into the swing of thing. So Carl left for work at 5:45am and reset the alarm for 6:45am for me since the kids have been sleeping in quite late the last week or so. This was the first morning in longer than I can remember that I have gotten up to an alarm, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I got Xaviers eggs cooking and snack for school made before I went down to wake him up. To my surprise he was very quietly playing with lego in his room so I could sleep in (such a nice boy!). We got his clothes and headed upstairs to have breakfast. The other kids woke up after Xavier had eaten and we rushed out the door to get him to school. Xavier does not like to be late for school. He would much rather be the first one there and wait outside in the cold for 15 minutes. I guess he gets that from mom and dad who are rarely late!

After getting him to school in plenty of time, Klausine Lunden Georgia and I came home to have our breakfast. We had time to put a little bit of laundry away and tape my new desk calendar to the back of the front door before it was time to go back to school for Xavier. We came home switched over the laundry and headed out to the bank before dropping Klausine off at school. We had to hit the bank because I left my wallet in daddys car. To my surprise the bank was closed as it always is on Mondays and I had no gas and no cash. I made it home on fumes and found $7 US and we crossed our fingers as we tried to make it back to the gas station. We stalled at the pump and got enough gas to get Klausine to school and then ballet. We went straight from ballet to the arena down the road from home to go ice skating. We have been skating almost everyday the last couple weeks so xavier can practice for his hockey class. The kids had a blast and carl met us there after work. We stayed until we were too cold to skate anymore then headed home for dinner. For me the most exciting part of today was when carl moved the rod/shelves in the kids closets down to their level. Now they can hang their clothes up all by themselves. No more excuses for having coats all over the floor!! They are pretty excited, they sure love to be able to do things themselves. So now they are finishing hanging their clothes up and getting ready for bed. We'll read a few stories, tuck them in, and start getting ready for tomorrow. I have about 15 loads of clean laundry to fold and tonight is my only night off work this week. Away I go...

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Carolee said...

Whew! No wonder they're sleeping in - what a workout. First skating every day and now hanging up their own stuff. Tidy, fit and cute!!