Monday, January 8, 2007

Grandpas birthday

On Sunday we celebrated Great Grandpa's 85th birthday!

Here are a few pictures of the festivities. The first ones are the kids eating their apples on the long drive to grandma's house. We got out their in plenty of time to make the veggies for lunch and play a couple games of candyland before the guest of honour arrived. We had a Delicious roast beef lunch and chocolate coffee cake (great grandpas two favorite flavours) for dessert. The kids had a blast watching him open his gifts, coffee, donuts, new shoes, a book, and some home made cranberry loaf. Unfortunately we had to rush off because I had to get to work. We really had a nice time and as always look forward to lunch with everyone next time.


Anonymous said...

It WAS a good time! Glad the kids could have a little appetizer on the long haul. See you in 2 weeks!


Andie said...

Aw such cute pics!