Monday, January 22, 2007


Another early Saturday morning for all of us as we headed off to swimming lessons at 8:15. Everyone loved their lessons again and Georgia wasn't nearly as blue as the first time. We had to rush a little when lessons were over because we had to be out in surrey for the kids dentist appointments. Rushing four cold, wet kids to get dressed is not as fun as it sounds! I really wonder why they can't heat the family change room, or maybe even just the floor. So we got to the dentist in the nick of time and Klausine and Xavier had their teeth cleaned and checked. Xavier still has a cavity they are watching but nothing new. Klausine had a cavity starting but because of her diligent, almost obsessive teeth cleaning it was completely gone at this visit. And then there was Lunden.....This was Lunden's first visit to the dentist and he was terrified. I have no idea what he was scared of but the minute he sat in that chair he cried. It was about five minutes of crying on and off before the dentist even came in the room. When he saw the dentist he started climbing off the chair. Eventually between sobs the dentist was able to count his teeth (17) and say he was in pretty good shape. I can't wait until next time when they try to clean his teeth.
After the dentist we dropped Xavier off at grandmas for a sleep over and we headed home.
On our way home we drove through cloverdale and saw there was a kids swap meet. We went in but they were all packing up so we didn't find anything.
We got home and I had a shower and started to get ready for work but somehow managed to fall dead asleep. Luckily Carl woke me up in time to get to work.
Pretty successful day!


Auntie B said...

What's a kids swap meet? It totally sounds like you can trade in your kids! Is it a flea market for kids stuff? I really don't know.

Jennifer said...

Yep it is a flea market for kids stuff
There are usually a lot of awsome deals if you get there in the morning