Sunday, January 14, 2007

A relaxing Sunday

Today has been yet another relaxing day. I feel so lucky to have the time these last few days to really enjoy spending time with Carl and the kids. Even though the house is getting close to unlivable I think it has been worth it.
We had a great morning. I made chocolate chip pancakes that were thoroughly enjoyed by all, especially georgia!
After breakfast I gave Xavier and Lunden haircuts while Klausine played with her huge makeup kit she got from grandma for Christmas. Before she was done there was body poweder glitter all over the bathroom, but she had fun.
We went on a little road trip up to Bridal Fall just to find out when we got there it was closed. Who knew waterfall closed?
So we ended up taking the long, long way home so the kids could catch a little nap. It was nice to get a feel for how the van drives. I think it will be great for long roadtrips.
Now we're home, the kids are playing and carl is working on his smoked salmon.
I am going to start dinner and get ready for work.
I'm glad to have gotten so much rest these last few day, I'm going to need it to catch up with all the housework this week!

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Carolee said...

Good thinking, Georgia - if your tummy's too full just absorb the chocolate right through your skin!!

Cute pics!