Sunday, January 14, 2007

I love Saturday

One of the best things about having a job is getting time off. I was fortunate enough to get Saturday off this week. We started the day off early with our first swimming lessons in a long time. Xavier and Klausine were in their own classes while Carl, Lunden, Georgia and I were in the parent tot class. We all really enjoyed the time in the pool. Georgia was quite blue by the end of the half our but pinked back up after we sat in the hot tub! Xavier said that was the best Christmas present ever!! Thanks for that Uncle Matthew and Auntie Bari. After swimming lessons we came home and had some lunch. We took a few minutes to write a big grocery list then headed off to Superstore. Best deal of the day?? All the snowsuits at Superstore were $11 and less. We ended up buying two for Xavier, one for Lunden and one for Georgia. I took a couple picture which I will post with this.

$350 later we came home and put all the groceries away. Klausine, Lunden and I had a shower while Xavier and Carl did a great job chipping ice off the deep freeze. We decided to try out the new snowsuits at the family public skate. It was a little late for the kids to be up but it ended up being really fun. Georgia and Lunden were tired so Carl and I took turn sitting out in the warm with them. Xavier and Klausine on the other hand skated their little hearts out. Within about five minutes of being out on the ice Xavier had a group of four or five older girls following him around. It was so funny watching him show off. They skated with the girls for over an hour and did not want to leave. We eventually got them off the ice and headed home to bed.

Since Xavier has been doing so well in reading at school I thought I would challenge him a little by getting him to read green eggs and ham. Now I wasn't sure if he could do it because the books at school he reads have pictures that show exactly what the words are. I am very proud to say he read the whole thing without stopping. Now that is a long long book but he powered through and was so proud of himself in the end. I never knew what it really felt like to be proud until I had babies. He is so smart!!

Everyone got off to bed and Carl started the process of smoking some salmon he bought at Superstore in his new smoker.

I watched The terminal (really good) but fell asleep before the end.

All in all perfect day off!


Carolee said...

What'd I tell ya about the snowsuits?! (Lunden doesn't look too thrilled with his)

You must have gotten enough groceries to last for the next month for $350! Always nice to have the cupboards re-stocked.

Jennifer said...

A month!! I wish we spend $400 for two weeks. But yes it is nice to be restocked!