Wednesday, January 24, 2007


This morning when I was dropping Xavier off at school I realized I am 'that mom'. I mean the one who is always asking questions, making suggestions, worrying too much about what her child is doing in class, etc. I never imagined myself this way but education has become so important to us. I realized how annoying I must be to poor Mrs.Harding when a substitute teacher opened the door and I was disappointed because I wanted to make sure she knew he was going to behave much better today. I also wanted to ask her if there is a way to get Klausine tested so she can get into kindergarten next year. I know she is ready and I don't think another year of preschool would be beneficial for her. Maybe her preschool teacher will know...I am much less annoying to her.
This is our busiest day of the week. When Xavier is done school I will pick him and Cory up, come home, make lunch, take Klausine to school, Pick up Christine(Cory's mom), go skating, pick up Klausine, come home, get hockey gear ready and in the van, try to find scouts uniform, feed kids hearty snack that will last until 7:30pm when they get home, get myself dressed for work, head over to arena, get Xavier's hockey stuff on, meet Carl, go to work. Carl will watch hockey, then go to scouts, then come home feed the kids something quick and get them into bed. Phew, I am tired just thinking about it....


Andie said...

We have Scouts tonight? Really?

Jennifer said...

I think so....??
I know the play is tomorrow night but Carl seems to think there is still scouts tonight. I guess he will just show up and check because I have no time to call her and see.