Monday, September 26, 2011

16 weeks

Well here we are at 16 weeks.  Not much new.  I let Xavier skip school on Friday to come to my ultrasound with me.  We were hoping to find out a gender or two, or three but no luck.  We knew it was kinda early but we were still hoping :-)
Baby A's placenta is still covering my cervix.  No one seems worried about it which I like.  I've even given up worrying every time I  start bleeding.
Round ligament pain is the new evil for this week.  Wow if you've never had it I wouldn't bother f I were you!  IT HURTS!  All three babies are more sitting on my left side leaving me a weird shaped belly and very stretched ligaments on the one side.  TO be honest I thought I was dying when it first started hurting but it was gone within 24 hours just as quickly as it came.

I had my first positive conversation with one of the nurses at my Dr's office about giving birth vaginally. She seemed to think if we planned it all out right and found the right Dr. to deliver I actually have a chance of giving it a try.  She said I would have to do it in a surgery room prepped for surgery which is totally fine by me.  It was nice to hear someone with something positive to say about it that's for sure!

Since everything is going so well we don't have to go back to the Dr. until October 21st.  We have our detailed scan then and hopefully the babies will co operate so we can see if we have boys or girls or both!


debi9kids said...

You look wonderful! And you're starting to hit that "place" where you will now be able to tell you're carrying multiples in there.

Ahhh that round ligament pain is a KILLER. I remember it all too well. ugh.

It should get a little "easier" for the next couple of weeks on your body, until you get to about 21 weeks and from there on out... oh boy!

Awesome about a possible vaginal delivery. Did they say how many weeks you'll need to be for that to be possible? I'm guessing 34 weeks...

Jennifer said...

lol! Ya I'm trying to be thankful for still being able to sit and lay comfortably for the most part :-)
THay said they won't let me go past 36 weeks but haven't given me a minimum date for a vaginal delivery.
She's literally the first medical professional who didn't laugh in my face when I said thats what I wanted!