Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowed in

Since the weather outside is rather frightful we decided to stay in today and do some Christmasy stuff that was quite delightful! HA HA!


We started the day with some exciting box packing and kitchen cleaning. When all the work was done the play began. I baked a bunch of Christmas cookies and printed off a tonne of Christmas colouring pages. While the cookies cooled the kids, and Carl, coloured up a storm! We listened to Christmas music and even had the fireplace on!!
Since I wasn't really in an artsy mood I opted to wrap presents and blog ;-)
When the colouring was done I iced up all the cookies for some fabulous decorating. The kids did a great job and were rewarded with the left over candy.
I am posting a picture of my Merry Christmas cookies even though the H is missing. Please don't laugh, it's not funny, it broke.....OK...I forgot it....but then I found an extra....and it broke!
Not to worry though, I made a new H...It's in the oven...still....oops....I need to go take it out now....brb...
So Cristmas this year is going to be H-less...get over it!!


fawndear said...

Love it! I haven't made cookies yet.
My H, and C, and T wouldn't have made it as far as your's did because I don't think my kids would have even waited for them to be frosted before chowing down.
We are definately snowed in as well so I think we'll have to make cookies tomorrow too.

rachael said...

those cookies look like a yummy mess!

Valarie said...

Mmm, yum!! That make me want cookies.

Lowa said...

I am new to your blog. Your cookies look yummy. I made some kind of mice with coconut, icing sugar and condensed milk. Shape them and let them dry. NO pictures yet, maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, love your blog. Wish I had more kids like you do! I wanted about 14...honestly. Babies are incredibly addicting and I ADORE newborns and nursing babies. I thrive on it, but apparently we are done. My baby is 8 and my oldest is 16.

ANYway...I will be back. I LOVE your second son's hair and it looks like your oldest son has the same PJs as my third son does. Do the dinos glow in the dark??

Ok, better get to bed. Take care!

Christy said...

What a great way to spend a snow time!