Friday, October 17, 2008

Blog spree

This blog spree is dedicated to my friend Christine who I know likes to read my blog. She watches the kids for me at the drop of a hat(or pinched fingers in the door ;)) I really appreciate all your help, and you letting me pay you in cheese strings lol!
Here are some pictures from the eye Dr, bowling birthday parties, swimming lessons, grandma's house, SDF, ballerina girly, cutie hair baby, wild life from my trip to jasper to pick up Carl...

Passed out on the couch after having her chubby little fingers slammed in the door jam :( To make matters worse it was the all important sucking fingers *gasp*


Christine said...

I love them. and I really don't mind taking them. They play so good together and I figured out today that they play really good together without the older ones hehehe.
Have a good weekend and I will see you on Monday!!!!!

PS My kids love the cheese :)

Christine said...

What lovely pictures! LOL and my name happens to be Christine too!

BoufMom9 said...

LOVED this post! So funny too because I have a very similar post, jam packed full o pics ready to roll tomorrow.:)
Your kiddies are all so darn cute! LOVED the ones of them being thrown in the air.
And, wow, that's a BIG moose!

Andrea with the Flipflops said...

I loved all the picutes! Looks like everyone is happy!

Deanna said...

Such a great post Jennifer....
I loved seeing all the photos of the kids and the family!!

Glad you are still around!!! ~Miss hearing from you!!!

RiVal Photography said...

This blog "spree" is just not satisfying my need for MORE!!! Come back....please.... Oh and I posted SOME of the pictures! :)

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

great photos - why did the kids need eye appts? something amiss?
Love the puppy - it is so big now!
Those sleeping babes in the car seats! nice quiet ride - ha ha!!

I can't believe little one fell asleep on the sofa like that - ouch - my poor back!!

(PS - no low iron, just cold - always - and I hate milk!!!!!!)