Monday, September 8, 2008

Falling apart

So September is here and all the activities are getting underway. My goal this year was to get on top of my scatter brain and not let myself get overwhelemed. Fat chance.....
I lost Lunden's gradual intake newsletter for school telling my when he needs to go.
I forgot to take Klausine to her hour of kindergarten today.
I couldn't remember half of the stuff out financial advisor asked us and looked like a complete fool.
I spent an hour trying to find some reciepts I desperately needed to mail.
I ran out of cheques half way through writing the dance studio all thier post dated ones.
I forgot about our meeting with the financial advisor until about 4 minutes before he knocked on the door.
I could go on and on!!

I feel defeated....
This is not the begining of the school year I was anticipating :(

I need some help from you other moms out there! What helps you stay organized??


Renata said...

Oh - you poor thing - it's just one of those weeks by the sounds of it. I have a diary where I write down everything - all appointments, all bills due, everything - it's the only way I cope (& the bills get paid on time)! Hope your day improves!

auntie b said...

You need a big huge calendar with everything written on it.

Get one of those $5 desk jobs from staples and hang it up somewhere you can see it. That's what I used to do at work when I had 900 things to deal with. Do not trust your memory. We are just 2 people and cannot survive without ours (although its electronic, we "invite" each other to things we have to do)

the schirano triplets said...

haha, i wish i had some advice for you. i try to stay on top of things and i always do for a while, but eventually i get buried!

Cathy said...

Do you need a housecall?! I could help you stay on track with my 'easy' system. I nary forget anything!


Cassandra-ann said...

hi Jennifer,
here's what i did, i went out and bought 2 white boards , one of them a 1/2 white board and 1/2 cork board, on this one i had all the days of the week written on it and under each day i put down what happenned on that day, who had to be where etc, on the cork board side i would stick all notes that came home from school, as soon as i got them out of school bags so they didnt get lost.
on the other white board i had a grocery list so as we ran out of something i would put it straight on the white board (i hung them on the inside of my pantry doors btw)
also on there would be chore lists for the kids.
Receipts... i have one of those big magnetic clips and as soon as i come home from anywhere i put the receipt into the clip on the fridge...
As soon as bills come in i write the due date on the calender and put all the bills TOGETHOR (they sit behind my cookie jar)
in my diary i write down anything interesting that i did that day or any where i have to be, appointments etc...

i hope this helps you a little, if you want help with anything else or you want to chat IM me :-)


Yvonne said...

Not that I am organized to my liking but I think one of those big calendars is great plus I have a Home Managment Binder which I LOVE!!

Shawna said...

Take Cathy's advice...she's one organized gal!

I would say put everything on your outlook calendar. That's what I do, it also sends me a reminder the day or few hours before the event.

Remember to take an hour of your evening and get your "stuff" together for the next day. If you dedicate an hour you will find that it actually doesn't much to get stuff prepared so that days like today don't happen that often!


Darla said...

I can so relate to this! I feel like too much of my life is wasted on trying to find things...doing too many things at once and as a result, doing none of them well! *sigh*

Cindy said...

a planner! Seriously. You can buy one, keep it with you at all times. It helps a ton. If I don't write it down, I do not remember. I was wondering what was going on with you, you had not blogged in a while. Hang tight, we all have bad days. I have been wiating to see you on yahoo so I could talk to you.

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

I MUST HAVE A calendar with me AT ALL TIMES! I carry it everywhere!!
I knw a lot of moms use blackberry's and all that stuff. I'm not a techie - I want my paper calendar!! Carry it like you carry tampons! You'll never forgot those!!

Deanna said...'s hard. And with my husband who remembers nothing doesn't help either!!!

I keep 3 calendars one at home, work and the puter.

Then I have a pocket portfilio with (think I'm adding a claendar to that as well) then I have a folder for each child and sort all their paper work into there.

Nothing better, sorry!

good luck and hang in there...

jILl PeTeRsEn said...

It sounds like everyone gave you good advice. I was going to say that I have NEVER been organized in my life and I had major A D D- I don't take meds for it though! I decided for this school year I would get a dry erase board calender from Wal Mart for around 8 bucks. I have daycare kids that come at different times, plus preschool, bills, appointments what have you. I love having my dry erase board for so many reasons! So far so good! I did forget to write down a date for last night though and my mother in law called me last minute to see if I was still going with her to this cooking show... AH, oops sorry! Double booked myself! You sound just like me and I feel for you! Just try and breathe! ha ha! Good luck!

RiVal Photography said...

Yep, get a MOM Calender! They have a cute one at Save on for $9.99 (well it was on sale...not sure if it stil is) Write down EVERYTHING and get in the habit of looking at it every morning!! I meant to ask you, do you want me to pick up Georgia on dance days? That might help???

You are a good mommy and we ALL have those days!

Christy said... much fun to look forward to! I have nothing for you......just prayer :)

Andrea with the Flipflops said...

Planner/calendar ... just like all the other girls said. However I did also like the cork board idea... maybe I otta try that out too.

Don't be to hard on yourself girl... this month is a mess for most Mommys. And you are a Mommy to many more then most!

Tracey said...

Prayer, lists, stickies, lists, prayer, stickies, prayer, lists...did I mention prayer and list.

BoufMom9 said...

Right now I am just praying to get through each day! 5 toddlers and one me = not a lot accomplished each day besides diaper changes & naps. UGH!