Saturday, August 30, 2008


I have a massive migraine that I am pretty sure is steming from the two grand I have spent on back to school. Funny thing is the kids didn't really need much until I started then all of a sudden the list kept getting longer and longer. This year I decided to spend the extra money on quality clothes. I would like to not have to buy them anything else until next summer so most of their stuff was rather expensive compared to my usually bargin basement bargains! Xavier is small, decivingly small. The only pants we could find him that fit nicely and didn't look like he was swimming in them were the $45 ones at the GAP. I love that they have the size 5 in slim and the adjustable waist I will say they are nice and thick and look really good on him but $45!!!! Klausine got the most stuff because she was really lacking stuff the matched. She had a lot of odds and ends but not many nice outfits. As of this afternoon she has more nice outfits than I can count.
Yesterday we did the bulk of the shopping with my mom. I was so happy to have her with me. We're really past the age where you can just buy the kids whatever and it looks good. We have entered the phase of trying on a million different kinds of pants and man was I glad my momma was there to help button buttons and snap snaps.
I'm really looking forward to back to school now and if I didn't have this migraine I think I would be in a really good mood! I have managed to bleach the floors and get a lot of clothes and toys put away. I would be really happy if the house was spotless for the first week of back to school so I can concentrate on getting the kids where they need to be :)
Ok time to get all the furniture back on the clean floors. I have some pictures to post of cours but I don't wanna right now ;)


auntie b said...

OOH I want to see a fashion show but Hrm, that is a LOT of money for only 3 kids in school. I might have to rethink this baby thing...

Hang in there with the migraine and try to get some good sleep. Sorry I can't come babysit the lil nuggets till you feel better :(

Cindy said...

OMG $2,000! That is crazy. Girl, next time leave the kids at home and stick to the list LOL.

Cassandra-ann said...

aww jennifer, i hope you feel better soon(((())))), $45 on pants would be enough to give a migraine too lol. i know what you mean about pants that fit though, lucky now over here most pants come with an adjustable waist, and they are'nt expensive and good quality otherwise i think my kids would just have to go with the kind that falls down lol ;-)

Cant wait to see the pics but ;-)

Valarie said...

My oldest is really skinny and I LOVE the way the GAP jeans fit her. Old Navy jeans (same company) fit the same, too. They are slightly cheaper, but they aren't as good quality. GAP jeans are the only jeans my son can wear and not put holes in the knees the third time he wears them!
Hope your headache is gone!

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

I used to shop at Gap or Gymboree - but it is just too expensive now. Only a couple of outfits, not the entire wardrobe. I am able to get cute clothes at Target for the girls and soem stuff for my son. We like Old Navy a lot too. But I refuse to buy my kids clothes from Goodwill or anything like that! Won't do it! That is all I wore growing up and I won't do it to my kids!!