Thursday, August 28, 2008


I need to come clean about my life before having kids. I was one of those teenagers who, even though I didn't really plan on having kids, judged the way others parented. You know that lady in the mall with all the screaming kids who seems completely oblivious to the havoc their kids are causing? Ya my friends and I would discus at length how we would never let our kids do that and what we would do in order to stop that kind of behaviour. While I have been working on my judgmental issues I still found myself judging other peoples parenting up until about a year ago. I really started to change my thinking and become the kind of person people wanted to be friends with not avoid! The moral of the story goes back to that lady in the mall with all the kids, that my friends, was me yesterday. I had a great day at home getting tons of laundry done organizing and cleaning but mostly ignoring my precious darlings. After dinner I decided to head out to staples to get more memory for my computer. I guess I was a little tired from my busy day because I failed to notice how disheveled the kids and I were until we were getting out of the van. Their faces were dirty only 2 of them were wearing shoes, Georgia was wearing underwear with a hole in it and no pants and I was in my very bright pj pants and unflattering hoody. I decided to just suck it up and go in because it would be a quick in and out. Boy oh boy what a mistake! A few highlights included us waiting 15 minutes for the 12 year old computer tec to serve us, the kids running around knocking stuff down because they were 'spies', Lunden proclaiming loudly, "mom I didn't pee in my pants, I just pooped", Georgia in the buggy upset that I wouldn't let her out to add to the chaos, screaming "let me go you're hurting me"(I wasn't even close to her), and "Let me go, you're not my mommy!". And there I stood seemingly oblivious to my feral offspring. In reality I was plotting my revenge on the little darlings and frantically spending money in hopes of making myself feel better. A valuable lesson was learned by all. I learned I was a mean teenager and the evil children learned to look forward to back to school!


Cassandra-ann said...

LMAO !!!!!!!! I've had plenty of days like that too :-)

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

ha ha ha - this is SO My life!!!!