Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun in the country

Now while it looks like we will be passing on moving up here at least for now I have been enjoying watching the kids on the farm. It's funny how much they find to do with out any toys! They catch frogs, black crickets, feed the horses, sit on the quad or lawn tractor, pick raspberries, run around the outside of the house a million times, and so on! Today was hard because it rained all day. I am exhausted and not in my own house making for a not very fun mommy :( I really just want to go home but then I have to buy Carl a plane ticket home when he's done work and with the new fuel surcharge its really hard to justify. I'm thinking about going into Edmonton tomorrow to get the kids school supplies but I think that will make me want to go home even more. It's three more weeks until Carl gets back, can I really be away from home for that long? Do I really want the kids to miss the first week of school? Too many questions in life right now!!

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BoufMom9 said...

These are fantastic pictures! I am sorry you are having a difficult time making decisions on what to do.
Saying prayers that you will find your answers quickly.
:) debi

Cindy said...

can you put him on a bus? I can't imagine wanting to go home, and having to stay some place three more weeks! Yikes. So I take it you took the dog with you on your trip? The puppies are getting so big!