Saturday, August 30, 2008

Beat On


Tonight, despite my pounding headache, I'm going to stay up all night to find out who's been beating me in the middle of the night. I know it's not my hubby because he's never here and I'm pretty sure the kids aren't heavy enough to make that hue of bruise. I will admit to being pretty clumsy and forgetful but really I think I would remember falling down the stairs or whatever caused these and all the others. My guess is my dog Ali. She is always asleep on the floor in my room when I fall asleep but when I wake up she's at the foot of the bed! What goes down while I'm getting my beauty rest???



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Cindy said...

yikes! Those are some pretty serious bruses. I get the occasional one on my theigh from bumping into the footboard on my bed (I think LOL) but I usually can't remember hitting my leg, BUT I have never had any that bad. You might want to make a DR appt just to have them checked out to make sure you are not having a clotting problem. (((((hugs))))

RiVal Photography said...

Jen!! Thats awful!

auntie b said...

I bruise that badly too, and have my entire life. I never have any idea what its from. I am so clumsy it can really be from anything. I think mine are usually so ugly from not eating enough (or any) meat and forgetting my multi vitamin so make sure you are getting enough iron. ::HUGS::