Tuesday, August 26, 2008

11 KM

Before we left for Alberta the kids and I had been going for some pretty good walks everyday. One morning we were feeling ambitious and decided to walk to superstore to get some fruits and veggies. The whole walk and shopping took us three and a half hours!! I used Google when I got home to get the exact distance and turns out we walked over 11 KM!! The older 2 rode their bikes while I pushed the younger three in the stroller. On the way home we picked a bunch of blackberries. It was so funny to see the kids shovel them into their mouths like they were candy! I planned on making a blackberry cake when we got home but I was just too tired! We all slept very well that night!


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Cassandra-ann said...

Lol dont you just love Google, i cant beleive you walked 11kms !!!