Sunday, July 20, 2008


Our trip so far is going really well. It looks like we're going to make it to Drayton valley by tonight or early tomorrow morning. We had actually planned to spend the night in the van but we've made really good time.
The kids have been great. We stopped at a gas station and had a picnic and let the kids run. They've been watching movies and are just now (9:40), eight hours into the trip, starting to whine. We're going to stop in Jasper and get them all comfy in hope they will peacefully drift off to sleep and not make that annoying,
sleeping in a car seat, whining noise!! I have a confession to make...I am terrified of deer. Carl and I have made this trip more times than I can count so I am very familiar with the deer infected areas.
One trip we made quite a few years ago put put the fear in me when we almost hit a moose. For those of you who aren't familiar with the size of a moose let me tell you!! They are huge, like what I imagine a dinosaur to look like. We came so close to this ginormous beast it left a nose print on my window!! I am not exaggerating!!
I cried for about half an hour and almost threw up. Even since that fateful night I can't drive through the Rockies without taking a sedative. My husband, bless his heart, tries desperately to take me seriously but has trouble believing me after I have sworn for the 100th time it wasn't a reflective sign, it was THE MOOSE!! I'm typing this as we are driving through an area particularly thick with deer vermin in order to keep my terrified face hidden from my children.
On my goodness...we're slowing down....
"Dear why are they slowing down??!!"
"Stop, just pull over, they aren't braking for no reason!"
"I can sense one, dear STOP!!"
"Look on the right!! That's one for sure! STOP!!"
My husband, the voice of reason responds...
"It's a sign...I promise...keep typing"

My stomach is churning...
Sorry gotta go. This is like a car wreck for me. I have to stare out the window, I can't ignore what's out there! I'll let you know if we survive!!

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