Sunday, June 8, 2008


It has taken me a little while to write this post about Xavier because the child frustrates me to no end! I wanted to be sure I remembered all the great things about him and not be clouded by my current impatiens with him. Xavier is the oldest child and plays the part to perfection. He is responsible way beyond his years, very controlling, stubborn, incredibly smart, and very thoughtful and caring when he wants to be. I was so in love with Xavier from the first moment I saw him. He was such a great baby and made me feel like I was actually doing something important with my life. We were so strict with him from the beginning making sure he was a perfect gentleman. I think in the end that initial strictness has caused a lot of the problems we are currently having. We've always expected so much from him and as each new baby came the strictness we raised him with disappeared but the expectations of him stayed the same. I know it must be so hard for him to see his brother and sisters get away with so much and I am really working on changing that. Xavier is such an amazing guy and I really don't know what I would do with out him. He helps me out so much when Carl is away. Last week I did something really painful to my back and he was by my side all day making sure I was OK. When we went to bed that night I prematurely crawled into bed and couldn't get out. He went to brush his teeth and was gone for a long time. I was about to yell at him to get into bed when he came in and said don't worry mom I made sure all the lights were off and the doors were locked so you don't have to get out of bed. What a sweetheart!! As much as he fights with his siblings he really looks after them. For example when we get in the van he makes sure everyone else is belted in properly before he buckles up. This morning he got everyone out of bed and put on a movie for them while I slept. Then when he realized I still wasn't getting up (Bad mom alert!) he fed them all cereal and got them to make a picture for me! To be honest I can't remember the last time my husband willingly did that for me! Aww....I love him so much! I know this stage is just a little frustrating for both of but I really think the future hold wonderful things for this guy!


mom said...

That's my boy!! I knew he was wonderful from his first breath (already considerate enough to give his Grandma one of the big desires of her heart)and he's only getting better!

Love you, Xavier!!

Vanessa Zacharias said...

Sounds like a sweetie!! When you said, "I was so in love with Xavier from the first moment I saw him." it made me cry!! So beautiful!