Monday, February 11, 2008

Potty training like a pro

So here are my never fail potty training tips and techniques...
Commit!! Pick an day you are going to be home all day and completely commit to never using diapers again.
I found with my kids being over excited about the process just made them uncomfortable. They liked it when I was happy but not making a huge deal.
The morning we started I would get them out of bed tell them they weren't wearing diapers anymore and take them to the potty. We just sit them straight on the regular toilet because if you use a little potty then later you're just going to have to teach them to use the big one. I like to make as little work for myself as possible ;)
The first day of potty training I take them to the toilet about every 5 minutes. This is a very tiring process I know, but worth it. If you take them that often the chance of an accident is slim to none.
I never ask them if they have to go because usually they'll say no even if they do. I let my kids run around the house naked during this process because they tend to feel the difference more. If they wear underwear it still feels like a diaper so they have accidents.
The second day I take them about every 7-10 minutes and about every 15 minutes the third day. I find it takes about a week before they will actually tell you they need to go but by the end of day three you won't need to take them nearly as often. I offer chocolate chips every once in a while to keep them motivated but not everytime.
I think if the process is made to seem like a huge deal they can realize the power it gives them and use it against you!
I have seen many people struggle with potty training and I think everytime the problem is a lack of commitment and giving the child too much choice. Once you decide to potty train JUST DO IT!! Good luck and if this doesn't work you can bring your kids to me and I'll give it a try...hey maybe I could start a home business hmmm...

PS. I do put pull ups on them at night but not diapers. My kids got upset when in the morning I told them no more diapers and they worked so hard all day then at night I tried to put a diaper on them.
Happy potty training!


Andie said...

We did the same with ours. NO diapers no pullups ... just got up and said it was time for panties. My son took the longest and my girls never EVER had an accident. If anyone follows your tips they will do great! Commitment is what it takes!

Great post girl!

Family Of Five said...

You have a beautiful family!! Thanks for the tips!

Sabrina said...

you sound like a much better potty trainer than I am! lol