Tuesday, February 26, 2008

$500 in perscriptions later....

...It looks like we finally may be on the mend! Lunden is still on antibiotics for the next 10 days and Calleigh is on 2 different puffers for at least the next week but everyone else is done!!! This last couple of weeks has been crazy and expensive and tiring. I'm trying to look forward to Disneyland but its really hard when you watch all your savings flying out the window :(
Anyway back to real life now.
Carl left for work again this morning. We had a really great week with him. He's gone for 23 days, that's almost a month. I am going to try to keep myself really busy so the time flies by. When Carl is gone I go to the gym twice a day to pass the time but since I'm feeling a little short on cash these days I can't really afford the child minding. I really hope the weather stays nice so the kids and I can get out and waste time going for walks instead of the gym.
OK I'm going to stop writing this post because I'm finding it really hard to be positive. I'll try to take some cute pictures of the kids so I'll have something to write about tomorrow!


Theresa said...

Positive, schmositive. It's good to let us know when you're having a crappy day too - that way your loyal readers will know that super Mom is also human! At least the kiddos are on the mend, that's good enough for today :)

Sabrina said...

My gosh that's alot! I hope everyone and everything is back to normal soon!