Monday, January 14, 2008

What is wrong with people?

After almost a year with 5 kids I am beginning to get used to the stares and stupid comments people make. The kids on the other hand are not. Last night we took a bedtime trip to Save-On to pick up a few necessities. Numerous strangers made the usual comments, "Boy you have your hands full", "Are the all your?", "Oh my that is quite the cart full" and so on. Now these comments have been driving my nuts for a couple kids now but I have never really noticed it effecting my kids, who by the way were behaving like little angels in the store as usual. While we were waiting to pay I noticed Xavier was really quiet and knew he had a question. I loaded everyone in the van and started loading in the groceries when yet another lady felt the need top tell me I sure have a lot of little ones. I could see Xavier cringe at her comment and as soon as I got the van started he said, "Mom do we have too many kids?"
I assured him we do not have too many kids and he proceeded to ask why people are always saying there are so many of them. I explained to him that some people think 5 kids is a lot but mommy and daddy love having "lots" of kids. He told me he though 16 would be a lot and that it made him feel like he was being bad in the store when people say things to us. I did tell him that people think they are being funny and don't mean to hurt our feeling but I understand what he is saying. That all said this is a warning to the next person who tells me I have my hands full, BACK OFF!!!! I don't have my hands full and if you don't shut up I am going to have my hands full of you hair. Okay maybe that's a little dramatic but seriously don't hurt my kids feelings or make him feel like an outcast just because his mom and dad have enough love and patience for a larger than average family.

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Ruth said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. I'm a single mom with 3 kids and I get that all the time. I remember when I took them to Walt Disney everyone would stop me and ask how I managed with three when they couldn't manage 2 kids and there were 2 parents. If my marriage had latest I would have had at least 2 more. Enjoy them they are the best thing in life.

By the way I know your sister Theresa we go to the same church in Montreal.

Your kids are so adorable!