Monday, January 21, 2008


Last week Calleigh was sick. I thought it was from teething but turns out it was the beginning of the flu. After 3 day of throwing up she is finally feeling better. Georgia was sick Saturday night followed by Lunden Sunday and Klausine this morning. I really miss Carl!!!

By the way we were at a birthday party when Lunden started puking then I took him to swimming lessons so the other kids wouldn't miss their classes. Poor little guy!


mom said...

Poor babies!!! It'll all be over soon. Until the next time. Which should be in what, a few weeks? :o)

(Who's bathroom is that?)

Jennifer said...

That's at gymnastics, where the party took place.

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

I am sorry so many of the kids were sick at once!! That must have been tough!

When does Carl come home?

Jennifer said...

He will be home on the 31st for 5 days then away again for 3 weeks
We will get to see him for 3 weeks straight when we go to disneyland in April!!!