Monday, January 14, 2008


I'm sitting here at the end of the day feeling like I didn't get enough done today. Looking back at the day I probably accomplished more than most. I think its time to once again lower my expectations of myself. Here is a little run down of my day:
5:45am-receive phone call from my husband
6:13am-let Klausine come into my bed so she doesn't wake everyone else up
6:27am-everyone else woke up anyway
6:30am-6:56am-wade through the mountain of clean laundry trying to find 6 complete outfits
7:00am-unload the dishwasher and break up the first fights of the day
7:05am-breakfast is served
7:25am-7:45am-dress, wash, brush, organize five kids who got out of bed too early
7:45am-8:00am-prepare 2 school lunches and 4 individual snacks for the gym while yelling at the kids to please get their shoes and coats on
8:01am-8:06am-out to the van and buckle up
8:07am-8:13am-Frantically look for the van keys and kick myself for not utilzing the key hook beside the door
8:15am-drop Xavier off at school
8:25am-go back home to get the runner I forgot for the gym
8:30am-10:00am-Get kids settled in playcare at the gym, work out, change my gym membership, collect kids and most of their belongings, run to the van in the POURING rain, realize we forgot a lunch kit and Lunden is wearing a coat that does not belong to him
10:04am-Back into the gym, still pouring, exchange coat and get lunch bag
10:15am-arrive home and unload children and accessories
10:25am-load dishwasher, switch laundry, change diapers, feed children
11:45am-back in the van drop Klausine off at school
12:10pm-back to the gym to register kids in swimming
1:00pm-Arrive home check email, switch laundry over, snack, stop Georgia from running around with kitchen shears
1:35pm-load kids into the van
2:00pm-pick up Xavier at school
2:20pm Home AGAIN, switch over laundry, unload dishwasher, change diapers, fill out field trip consent
2:45pm-Load kids into van to pick up Klausine
3:15pm-Stop at pharmasave and gas station while talking to Carl on the phone
3:45pm-Finally home...
4:00pm-7:00pm-make dinner, switch laundry, load and run dishwasher, bathe 5 children, homework, stories, attempt to get them to clean up the living room, give up and do it myself, everyone tucked in
7:15pm-Finally get to pee
7:17pm-Finally sit down
7:20pm-Wonder why baby is still screaming
7:30pm-8:00pm-Try unsuccessfully to calm baby medically and physically
8:03pm-Remember the never fail baby calmer
8:08pm-Baby is finally asleep
8:10pm-think about a shower but blog and play with Flip instead
9:37pm-Finish blogging, still no shower, crawl to bed with hopes the baby doesn't wake up soon....
I guess when I write is all out it makes me feel a little better, but it sure doesn't make the house any cleaner.


Theresa said...

What is the never-fail baby calmer??

mom said...

Me, too - what is it?

Vanessa Zacharias said...

Wow... that was intense. Kudos to you!

Shawna said...

I need a break for you!