Monday, October 15, 2007

538 the number of KM I drove this weekend the amount in dollars I spent on Saturday; the dentist, birthday present, hockey tickets and other expenses that we can't eat this week the amount in dollars I shouldn't have spent on Saturday the number of times I wished I could afford a nanny an Saturday the number of hours it seems like my very hard working husband works per week how many hours of sleep I need to recover from this weekend the number of poopy diapers I changed in the last week the number of time I heard "I need to go potty" this weekend the number of extra strength Advil I needed to cure my headache on Saturday after work how many times I said "watch out for my coffee" before someone kicked it over how many new grey hairs I have how proud I am on a scale of 1 to 10 of Xavier for playing so well at the Bruins game intermission the number of times the kids asked where we were going over the course of the weekend how guilty I feel (in litres) for keeping Xavier home from school today for no real reason how happy I am (in cubic feet) that next weekend will not be as busy

This weekend was crazy. Carl worked all day Saturday while I took Xavier to hockey, Lunden to gymnastics, Xavier to the dentist in Surrey, all the kids to Superstore to buy birthday gifts, Xavier to a birthday party, the rest of the kids to go pick up Carl, then me to work. While I was at work Carl continued on to take all the kids to the park, Xavier to Awana at the church, and Save on to get the things I needed for my mom birthday lunch on monday. When I got homwe from work the kids were still up (10:00pm) so we put then to bed and tried to clean up and prepare lunch for the following day. After fumbling around for a while we gave up and went to bed.
Sunday was not nearly as busy but we still had no down time. We got up early for church then went straight out to my mom's to prepare her birthday lunch. After a very quick lunch and even quicker clean up we came back out to Chilliwack to go to the Bruins game. Xaviers coach arranged for his team to play a mini game during the intermission. The game started at 5:00pm and was really a blast. They looked so cute out there! By the time the game was over it was bed time. The kids had an oppertunity to skate with the Bruins after the game but due to Xavier poor behaviour while sitting with his coach in the last period (Sorry Ron!) we opted to just head home. The kids were all in bed and asleep before 9:00pm and once again Carl and I wandered around the house before passing out in bed.
This morning Xavier was so exhousted I knew sending him to school would not be beneficial. We had french toast for dinner and watch TV and played all morning. Klausine managed to get herself ready for school on the afternoon and while she was there we all had a nap. I'm a gald for an extra day before this week really begins.


Shawna said...

I'm just tired from reading your weekend update - my goodness girl you need a break!

Try and put your feet up this week, even if it's in a pile of laundry with the mac 'n cheese burning on the stove ;)

Sabrina said...

Me too! How crazy! I hope this week is much easier!