Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why I like Alberta

I didn't want it to seem like the trip was all bad so here is a little list of positives

1. Everyone is Alberta drives FAST. Anyone who knows Carl and me knows we like to drive FAST.
2. If for some reason you want to go faster than the person in front of you they immediately pull off into the ditch to let you by.
3. Our van looks so well taken care of compared to the beat on cars in Alberta. For some reason every one's windshields are cracked. Does it rain rocks there?
4. You can watch weather change in an instant.
5. Alberta rainbows are so crisp and much more vibrant
6. Our kids are really quite good looking compared to....never mind
7. No one in Alberta is ever in a hurry. I think it is due to the desperate need for employees in every field. We seriously waited with 50 other people in line at Safeway to go through the one check stand with the butcher trying to figure out how to ring things in.
8. Clean crisp air, unless someone who lives in Alberta is with you, they all smoke I'm pretty sure.

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christine said...

I love #6. I won't ask. HeHe