Sunday, September 16, 2007


What I love about babies:

The way they stay all squished up in a ball when you pick them up when they're newborn

The yum, yum, yum noise they make when you give them a soother

The fluffiness of their hair an hour after washing

The way they sleep with their arms above their heads when they're on their back

They way they sleep with their little bums in the air when they're on their tummy

The smell of pampers (clean ones!)

When they look at you with such intense love at only a couple weeks old

Newborns sucking their thumbs

Watching them fall asleep so peacefully

When they realize baths are fun and learn to kick their little legs

Baby powder

Little tiny painted toenails

The first baby belly laughs

When they squeal with delight at the sight of you

The look of disgust after the first taste of rice cereal

The look of approval after the first taste of pears

The warmth of a newborn cuddled up beside you in bed

I could truly go on forever.
Maybe this is a list of what I will miss most about babies.
Five biological children is all we will have but I am sure we will always have a house full of kids.
I am having a little trouble coming to terms with our decision but it is really too late now the deed is done.
This is the beginning of a new chapter in the life of the Hicks.

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