Sunday, August 12, 2007


We started our Saturday with the usual drive around the neighbourhood garage 'sailing'. I was in search of a crib because Calleigh is busting out of her bassinet. After a few good toy buys I was ready to call it quits but Carl wanted to keep looking. We got to one house just as they were getting their stuff out and right out front there was a very nice, white crib. I ended up getting the crib, a mattress, and a full set of crib bedding for $60!!!! They wanted $80 and that was without the bumper pads for the bedding but we got it all for $60!! We got home, did a little rearranging and set it up. Carl did a great job as usual and I am so happy with the result. Georgia on the other hand is not at all impressed. Last night and tonight she screamed when we put her to bed which is quite unusual. Hopefully she gets over that soon or she is going to be one tired little girl!

After making a big mess in the house starting too many projects we decided we needed a break. Christine and crew were over at the lake watching the Dragonboat races so we met up with them. Christine's aunt was in the finals! Did they win Christine? Anyway it was fun to watch for everyone except Calleigh who was wanting to sleep in her bed not at the lake. Xavier and Cory had fun swimming in their clothes!

Fun Day!!

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