Tuesday, August 7, 2007


After much thought about what to do on Monday we decided to get as far away from our messy house as possible and head to Penticton. We left at the crack of dawn and did some shopping before hitting the road. We made it there before noon and met up with Ron, Christine, and kids who were also spending the day there. The beach was beautiful and the kids had a blast. Ron and Christine had to leave at about two so we packed up and went to get some lunch. After luch we went across town to the other lake and stayed there until about 6:00pm. Matthew and Bari even stopped by the lake on their way to Naramata. Even though they couldn't stay for long we really valus any time we get with them!

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auntie B said...

The lake was sooo nice! I wish we could have stayed longer too (or, errrr...arrived earlier?) Fun Fun Fun. See you tomorrow afternoon!