Friday, August 31, 2007

Last sleepover of the summer :(

Summer is coming to an end way too fast. We had Cory over for a sleepover last night, the last one of the summer. We did have a really good time even though it was a little sad. When Carl got home from work we packed up our stuff and went out to the pool in Abbotsford. The kids had a lot of fun going down the slide and searching for rings that we tossed. After the pool we picked up some pizza and headed home. Xavier Klausine and Cory played with lego so nicely until we started the 3rd Harry Potter movie. They all cuddled up on the couch with their popcorn and water and watched the entire movie. It didn't end until about 11:40. X, K, and L stayed awake but Cory passed out just shy of the end. I think my guys stayed awake out of fear more than anything! By the time we got everyone in bed it was midnight and the were all up eating breakfast at 7:30 this morning!!


Bari said...

I love the one where Lunden is holding his ears. Hilarious!

mom said...

Looks like Lunden and the kitty have a little luv-fest goin' on! Very cute. Is that Xavier about to leap off the couch out of excitment/fear?
Nice way to end the summer :o)