Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I can't seem to remember what we did on Monday so i guess I will just fast forward to Tuesday.
Christine and I came up with a brilliant way to get all of our kids and us to the lake with only one van. I picked her up and she drove us to the lake then went back and picked her kids up(her kids are much older than mine and can stay home by themseves). So in under half an hour we were all settled at the lake. The kids had lots of fun and we ended up staying a lot longer than we usually do.
Xavier is the only one of my kids who actually goes in the water when we're at the lake. Klausine worked really hard to build the perfect sandcastle while the three little ones whined at, and cuddled with, Christine and I. It was still fun though.
The pictures are a little lame because my camera's batteries are dying.

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