Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A lucky day

I want to say, an unlucky day, but in actual fact yesterday was one of the luckiest days of my life. At about 1:45pm yesterday a man came pounding on my front door to tell me my patio was on fire. I got the kids out of the house and watched while four complete strangers put out a rather larger fire with pots of water from the kitchen. Eventually the fire department came and hosed down the attic and surrounding areas to ensure it wouldn't ignite again. They also tore off a lot of our siding and insulation in the area of the fire. I say it was a lucky day because I was as far away in the house as I could have been and had no idea the house was on fire. If not for people driving by stopping and putting it out we could have lost everything. All I can say is I sure wish we had insurance...

The charred remains of our siding and deck contents minus a three or four bags of garbage

Our poor innocent tomato plant got smashed in all the comotion

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Shawna said...

Holy SMOKE - Literally!!!!

Glad you are all safe and sound...what a crapy thing to happen especially while you are at home all alone. It's weird that we never really think about our houses catching on fire, but it happens all the time!

Glad you had some angels watching out for you!

Do you know how it started?

Ps. to find some free pieces of siding put up a post on Craigslist - you never know what you might get for free so you can fix it all up!