Monday, July 23, 2007


I am a really good cook. I can bake almost anything. The one thing that holds me back form being all around good in the kitchen is cookies. I despise making cookie. It is too time consuming, sticky, and messy. I can't remember to take the out of the oven in time even if I do they don't seem to work out. Today, since I was crowned princess, I decided to treat my loyal subject to some Monster cookies. My mom made them a few weeks ago and everyone really liked them so I thought I would give them a try. I am never making cookies again, period. I didn't even get through making this whole batch. The oven was too hot because we just replaced the element and after 18 trays of too dark cookies I had it. I froze the rest of the dough. Maybe Carl can do something with it. Gotta get back to being a princess, which by the way has not been all that glamorous. I think I may need to remind my subjects I am the princess today!


Shawna said...

That is too funny - cookies are one thing that I do with my eyes closed...But I must say I have a "magic" baking sheet by Pampered Chef. It is made of ceramic and no matter how long you leave your cookies in the oven they will never burn (just dry up and get hard as bricks :)) It's not cheap ($46 for the pan) but totally worth the cash. President's Choice (Superstore) recently came out with their own line of ceramic bakeware at a much cheaper price.

I used to suck at baking cookies too when I used the "Bakers Secret" pans, but now that I have this one I can't screw them up!

So better luck next time...FYI: My first pan of Monster Cookies didn't turn out either, so try, try again!

Jennifer said...

I have one of those pans. Duh, I should use it!! I have had it for a couple years and never touched it. Thanks for the reminder!