Saturday, June 9, 2007


This is a warning for all those who have young kids, do not watch Charlotte's web. We finished watching it about half an hour ago and Xavier and Klausine are still sobbing. Klausine wasn't really paying attention so she didn't really realize what had happened until Xavier was asking "but why did she have to die". Xavier has just now settled down and Carl is in talking to Klausine. In a really twisted way it is almost nice that they were so affected because some days when they are all fighting and hurting each other I really wonder...
In case you read this too late and your kids have already watched and are now sobbing we got these guys to settle down by telling them all the wonderful things that Charlotte is doing in heaven. They were both quite relieved to know she could see her babies from heaven.
I think I can safely say there is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your babies in that kind of pain. I guess this is just a little glimpse into the teenage years when their worlds are filled with heartache :(
Well that was a depressing post...

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