Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I'm back

Georgia's new shoes!

OK I'm back. Instead of trying to remember what I have been so busy doing let's just cut our losses and move on.

We had a very busy weekend.
Klausine had her year end dance recital Friday and Saturday night. She stole the show!! No pictures but trust me it was really cute.

Xavier had a scouts camp out on Friday. He had a really good time seeing beavers working and bats flying.

Xavier's friend Wesley had a birthday party at the pool on Saturday. The kids had a blast in the pool.

By the end of the day on Saturday everyone was exhausted!

We have a ton field trips and fun days coming up that we are all looking forward to. Personally I am really really looking forward to the last day of school!

Work is going really good for me. I have a set schedule of Thursday to Sunday which is really nice. I really like all the people there and they seem to like me. They even let me go early on Saturday so I could get to Klausine's recital to catch her second performance!!

The kids are doing really well. Xavier and Georgia are starting to sound a little congested but I am hoping it will pass quickly. Cali is still such a good baby. She sleeps every night from 10:00pm to 7:00 am. Carl usually gives her a bottle before bed so she stayed full up all night.

Xavier took my camera in the mystery bucket to school today so there should be some interesting pictures to show.

I really need to tend to my house now because it was extremely neglected last week due to my complete lack of sanity. I am back now and ready to begin again...


Andie said...

where are you working?

auntie B said...

whats a mystery bucket?

Jennifer said...

a mystery bucket is like show and tell. You put your show and tell in an ice cream bucket and everyone has to guess what it is