Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's day!!

We had a great Father's day. We got up early on Sunday and went to church. Our neighbour,who is the pastor at promontory community church invited us to their father's day breakfast. We had a really good time. The kids loved their Sunday school classes, even Georgia stayed by herself in the nursery. After church we stopped to buy a few things for breakfast. We came home and all pitched in to make a delicious Father's day feast. After breakfast Carl and the kids watched an old transformers movie while I cleaned up the kitchen. Before I went to work Carl went out to meet my mom who had a wonderful gift for him. She gave him an outdoor utility shelter for our backyard. He had fun putting it together and it fits perfectly in the corner we wanted it in. It really meant a lot to him to be honoured and thought of on Father's day. I think Father's day should not only be about honouring your own dad but honouring the really outstanding dad's around you. Carl is an outstanding dad to say the least and we love him more than we could ever say!

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