Monday, May 28, 2007

Trampoline heaven

So we decided to buy a trampoline over the weekend. What a buy! It is so fun and entertaining for everyone. We had a pretty good weekend. The highlights for me was my mom coming over and doing all my laundry once again. She even went out and bought an iron and ironed all our stuff. We are all going to look so put together this week! On top of all the help she also brought as a huge delivery of costco treats. So now we are all stocked up for a couple weeks with meat, frozen dinners, peanut butter and more. Once again I will say without a doubt my mom is the best! Thank you for all your help and your love of ironing!
Today Xavier's class went on a field trip to Starbucks. In my opinion there is no better place to go on a field trip. The kids had fun listening to a story and having their hot chocolate. Tomorrow we are going to domino's pizza. That should be interesting...
Carl has been working hard in the backyard building big planters and planting strawberries, brussel sprouts, and lettuce. I look forward to enjoying the fruits of his labour!

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