Monday, May 21, 2007

Flip that dog??

Some people will do the weirdest things for easy money. I am one of those people. On Sunday we went out to the flea market in Abbotsford to look around. As we were leaving we saw a couple selling puppies. We stopped so the kids could look at them and over heard them saying they were only $50. "Wow" I thought to myself pretty cheap for any kind of puppy these days. Long story short we bought one for $40 and plan to flip it for a profit of approximately $210. I put an ad in the buy and sell as soon as we got home so it made it in this Thursday's paper.
She is an American boxer crossed with a lab. She is dewormed and now has her first shots. My hope is to sell her for $250 within a week.
If this works out I might try flipping a house!!

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