Monday, May 7, 2007

The big weekend

What a weekend. Once again we packed as much as we could into the way too short weekend.
Saturday started with me falling down the stairs hard and smashing my previously broken tailbone. This made the busy weekend so much more enjoyable....
Anyway off we went to baseball. The kids played really well and as usual had a lot of fun.
When baseball was over we headed straight out to Camp McLane for the big Beaveree. This is an event where all the beavers in the lower mainland get together and do a bunch of activities. There were hundreds of kids and a lot of fun activities. A couple favorites were the pop bottle launcher and the seed necklace station. There are pictures of the bottle launcher. The necklace is still growing and I will take a picture of it when it looks like something.

Half way through the day I was feeling very sore and very sick so Carl drove me over to my mom's where we were planning on having dinner anyway. The babies and I relaxed there while Carl and Klausine went back to finish off the beaveree.
Grandma and grandpa came for dinner and the kids had a great time reading stories and cuddling with them.

We ended up leaving before dessert because I was feeling really sick. I got straight into bed when we got home and woke up feeling way better.
Sunday was supposed to be catch up day but ended up being just as busy. Klausine and I went shopping in the morning for a birthday present for her friend. After that we all headed over to Superstore to do some grocery shopping. When we got home we cut up all the veggies, put everything away, and had a late lunch. While Klausine and I got ready for her friends birthday party Xavier went to the bike park with Wesley.
Klausine and I had a great time at Ayla's party. It was at Castle fun park in Abbotsford.

All in All fun weekend!

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