Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Big family

Okay it has taken me a while but I think I am finally realizing we have a large family. When we went grocery shopping on Sunday we finally gave in and bought the massive $26 block of cheese. The kids love cheese and we use it in a lot of our casseroles and whatever so we are almost always out of it. I have a feeling this cheese won't even last a week. I know this is only the beginning...

Last night at Xavier's baseball game the coach handed out prizes at the end because the kids managed to not dog pile on the ball when they were out in the field. He let Klausine and Lunden pick prizes too and they both picked rings. Klausine put her ring on and this is what happened...

Klausine: Daddy, I want to marry you with this ring
Daddy: But I am already married to mommy
Klausine: Oh...
Daddy: Why don't you marry Zachary* with that ring?
Klausine: Well OK but I don't know what kind of guy he is going to grown up to be.

*her first crush from preschool
She is so cute! She's not even four yet and she knows more than a lot of women I know.

It is such a nice day today!! I am going to walk to the school this afternoon to pick Klausine up. It will be our first time from this house but definitely not the last.


imprssed grandma said...

Aww, adorable AND insightful!! What a wonderful girl you are, Klausine! A good catch for some lucky guy.

auntie B said...

Adorable and hilarious! We definitely need some more kid quotes on here. So much fun!

Andie said...

Too cute!

I hope you enjoyed your walk. We were going to walk too... but instead we hit a park till the bell went.