Saturday, April 14, 2007

No more No

Carl and I decided we tell the kids no way too much. Our kids behave a lot better than a lot of kids I have seen so they deserve a little more reward. We aren't talking about letting them do whatever they want, we just think we should let them have more fun. For example, I hate playdoh. I never let them play with it because I can't stand the smell, I can't stand the texture, and I can't stand the mess. They hardly ever ask to play with it anymore but today Xavier asked me so nicely if he could please play with some. Keeping with our new less no policy I said yes. I must say he and Klausine had so much fun and made no mess. When they were done they cleaned up every little piece without me having to ask them. This could be the beginning of something great...
Carl and I both noticed today the kids seemed much happier. They hardly fought at all and they were genuinely nice to each other. A big improvement from the last couple weekends. I feel a lot better too. Having fun with the kids is a lot less stressful than trying to clean the house and yelling at them all day.

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