Thursday, March 1, 2007

What's with the snow?

All this snow is really weird. I thought it was beginning to look a lot like spring. I guess I was wrong.
The dogs had a lot of fun this morning out in the snow...

I am so excited today! My brother and sister in law are coming to visit!!!!! They live in New York and it has been way too long since we have seen them. They have never even met Georgia! They are only coming for one night but it's better than nothing. The kids are so excited, Xavier has made so many plans. They are going to be here this evening so I am expecting a long day of teaching the kids about patience.

Xavier and Klausine are both staying home from school today. Xavier claims to have had a terrible sleep and Kluasine has a pretty chesty sounding cough. It is nice to have them home all cozy with it starting to snow again outside.

My midwife is coming this afternoon to do a home visit before the baby is born. I had a list of things I was supposed to have ready but I lost the list and can't even remember one thing. Maybe it will be too snowy for her to come....

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