Sunday, March 18, 2007


We managed to get a lot done yesterday. It was so nice having my mom here to help and motivate. We started by making a big pot of soup to freeze for after the baby is born. After that we moved on to the laundry. The whole hallway upstairs was full of dirty laundry and we managed to get almost all of it done and put away. We also went through everyone's drawers and took out clothes they don't wear or are too small. In Xavier's room we went through all his toys and threw away a lot of garbage. We got everything in it's place and it feels great. Carl went to work for the morning and early afternoon but was able to join in the fun when he got home. He cleaned up all the dog poo and garbage from the backyard and side of the house. This was a huge job that we had been putting off for a long time. He also got a set of cupboards put up in the garage and gave the dogs baths. We slept really well last night!

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