Thursday, February 1, 2007


Today is the first of three days off in a row for me!!!!! I am so excited. I guess the store cuts back hours in January and February so I am not getting my full five shifts. Not so great for the paycheck but I am really looking forward to the break.
We had fun skating yesterday. Klausine stayed home from school so she was able to come with us. I took some pictures that I will post later.
I thought Georgia was doing really well without the soother because Carl had not complained at all but then last night when I got home and checked on her she had a soother! He is such a sucker!! Other than wearing diapers that is pretty much the last baby thing she has so I can understand the reluctance. I just want to get rid of in before the new baby comes so they don't fight over it. Now that I am on this little vacation I can be the mean one to not let her have it.
Time to take Xavier to school.


Carolee said...

Good luck with the soother situation and enjoy your days off - wahoo!!

Anonymous said...

Great! You have 3 whole days and nights to spend with your family, you deserve it. Hope you find some time for yourself. Mom Hicks