Thursday, February 22, 2007

Field trip and naps

We went on a field trip to the gymnastics club with Xavier's class yesterday. It is the same club Lunden goes to on Thursday mornings. We met the class there since I didn't dare try to take all my babies on the school bus. All the kids had a blast. I took a bunch of pictures but none of them really turned out that well.

By the time the field trip was over I realized all of my kids were in desperate need of a nap. We collectively decided Klausine would stay home from school and we would make their all time favorite lunch then they would have a nap.

Now whenever I think they need a nap it never seems to work out but this time I was right. After everyone polished off their foot I read stories and tucked them in. Within about half an hour they were all sound asleep. I was actually able to fold laundry and clean off two counter tops in the kitchen. Now that I have realized keeping the puppy in a large box is a really good idea I think I will be able to get back to life. He wouldn't sleep unless someone was sitting with him but now in this box he cries for a minute or two and then sleeps soundly. I have also learned it helps to strengthen their little bladders. We still let him sleep in our bed last night but he takes his naps in the box.

I survived going back to work after four days off and was happy to come home last night to a pretty clean upstairs floor!

All and all a pretty good day!

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auntie B said...

I love Xaveier's haircut, it makes it so easy to spot him in a group photo!