Monday, February 19, 2007

Another new addition

Ever since Charlie, our dog got stolen Carl has bee talking about getting another dog. I have been making excuses because I didn't really want another puppy. Finally Carl saved up his overtime hours and we compromised by looking for a young dog at the SPCA. We found a couple we liked but had no luck adopting them. I don't know if any of you have tried to adopt from the SPCA but they make it very difficult. Some of the SPCA branches try to charge $255 for a dog adoption and I was not willing to pay that at all. Shouldn't they be paying us to take the dog? Anyway it ended up we got a puppy from a farm in south Surrey. He is a 7 week old Husky, malamute, Lab cross. We payed for him and all his shots deworming etc for way less than an SPCA adoption fee. So far he is a really good puppy. No accidents in the house yet which is a real bonus, and he slept almost all night last night. He is still cries quite a bit when you try to leave the room or put him down but I'm sure he will get over it. He actually reminds me a lot of charlie which I guess is a good thing

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