Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Baby 'Doctoy'

We have a very successful visit with the baby 'Doctoy' (Lunden's title for my midwife) this morning. She said the baby is measuring big and recommended not going to get the gestational diabetes test because if it came back positive I couldn't have the home birth I had planned. She did say that feeling the baby with her had it didn't feel huge so it could be just excess fluid or just the way I carry the baby. I am very relieved that she thinks its all good because with all the people asking me if I am due any day now I was starting to get concerned. Anyhoo...I booked Friday March 30th as the day we will break my water if I have not gone into labour by then. I am waiting a little longer than before because I would rather not have the baby over spring break. This way I can book the time off work now and have everything all planned know how babies always follow plans like that!
I'm off to make a quick lunch for the kids before dropping Klausine off at school and taking Corey and Xavier to the tiny tots public skating.

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Andie said...

All mine were born when I picked via water breaking (by the dr not me... lol)! So maybe you will (why is it not putting two lls... strange) will (ah see it worked this time) get lucky and baby will respect your wishes. Or not! How fun to have a home birth. My labours are so quick I would have love to have a home birth... but all my babies were early and 2 out of 3 had wet lung from coming out way to fast!

OH I am so excited!